Early Adopter Program

CollabCoin is on a mission to support the growth and success of small to medium sized businesses. To prove our point we are opening the CollabCoin Early Adopter Program. For the first 100 businesses that sign up to our loyalty rewards program they will ALWAYS have CollabCoin loyalty rewards program completely free AND share in the Profits for the first 2 years

CollabCoin Mobile App

We help your business acquire new customers and retain the ones you already have.

As an Early Adopter your business gets an exclusive deal!

Forever Free

As an Early Adopter to CollabCoin you will NEVER have to pay anything to join the loylaty rewards program. No hidden fees, No transaction Fees, No subscribtion fees. Absulutely nothing... forever. (This is why we can only accept the first 100 businesses)

Profit Sharing

That's right, we are basically paying you to increase your revenue and customer retention. It's madness. But as one of the first 100 small businesses that qualify for the Early Adopter Program you will enter our profit sharing program where you will receive $0.005US for each Collabcoin redeemed at your store.

Hands on Support

As an Early Adopter you will have a dedicated team member to support your business each step of the way. Our support team is responsible for making sure this is the easiest, fastest and most successful implement you've ever had. and that you see an improvement to your revenue and customer growth immediately

Marketing Materials

To let your customers know that they can now be rewarded with CollabCoins for shoping at your store we offer you posters, stickers, flyers and more.

"Loyalty is everything when it comes to retaining clientele. The one thing you really want to focus on is an amazing relationship with quality service to make sure your client feels cared for. CollabCoin helps draw customers by giving discounts to loyal clients. "

Our mission is to help small to medium sized businesses grow and succeed