CollabCoin Business Network

Once you join the CollabCoin network you agree to join the universal loyalty rewards program and offer customers tokens as a reward for shopping with you as well as redeem tokens for products within your business.

Worry Free Environment

We use smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain with rules and obligations to ensure each member of the CollabCoin Business Network is acting in the best interest of the overall network.

Easy to use

The CollabCoin token will provide instant rewards at point of sale at any merchant within the network, whether it’s for your morning coffee or lunch for your next exam cram session. Your CollabCoin tokens will allow you to access a real-time exchange, which means you can use your rewards for transactions whenever you like and even send to a friend.

Track Rewards

We provide metrics and analytics so merchants can easily track and understand how much revenue the program is generating as well as how the loyalty program is improving customer retention. Consumers, track your rewards and your savings at any time with the app.

Create a brief profile

It takes no time at all to create a CollabCoin profile. Simply provide basic information like your location, your business sector and a brief description so customers can find you on the CollabCoin app.