Hackim Farrell


Hackim is a security professional with more than 10 years in the cybersecurity industry. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce in IT and a MBA in Global Leadership. With such a combination, he is able to straddle the line between business and IT. His fascination with blockchain technology started when he saw it as the great equilibrium to level the playing field for emerging markets as well as small to medium-sized enterprises. Raised in Toronto, Canada, Hackim now resides in one of the tech capitals of the world: San Francisco. The pulse of the city has influenced his perspective on the future of tech and cybersecurity. Hackim’s passion sits in championing the development of products to solve growing market problems. In the community, Hackim works closely with youth who are pursuing careers in technology. He is a speaker, facilitator and educator. When he is not thinking, sleeping or breathing tech, Hackim can be found cycling, running and traveling.